AutoCool Air Conditioning Regas for Motorhome dealers

As a motorhome dealer, you know that by law you have responsibility for a vehicle to be satisfactory for six months after you sell it.

So, for example if the aircon fails on your customer’s motorhome when they’re touring southern Europe, you’re going to hear about it.

We have contracts with both new and used motorhome dealers to perform monthly checks on their stock.

We test each vehicle, and top up the gas levels on any motorhome that needs it.

So at the point of sale, you know that the vehicle’s air conditioning is just as it should be.

Our vans are fully equipped with the very latest state of the art air conditioning servicing equipment and our technicians have undergone extensive specialised training.

Using top of the range equipment, we can perform a full air con service which removes all moisture, contaminants and particles before filtering the gas. We also remove and replace the essential PAG Oil which is vital to a motorhome’s air conditioning system.

After that, it’s just a quick check.

Regular low-cost air-conditioning service could save you money – not to mention hassle.