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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles:

The air conditioning compressors in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt.

The motor’s insulated windings are immersed in the compressor’s lubricating oil.

The oils used in these compressors are formulated to have high dielectric properties that makes them non-conductive.

1% contamination by improper oil can reduce the dielectric properties.

Denso has recently produced a chart showing that as little as 1% contamination by improper oil can reduce the dielectric properties.

If a different type of oil gets into one of these compressors and if the insulation on the windings has become damaged or compromised a variety of problems may occur.

incorrect type of PAG oil

The greatest risk of a Hybrid Electric A/C system is that if the incorrect type of PAG oil is used it may conduct high voltage to the compressor case or connected components.

A person may receive an electric shock if they touch the compressor or engine and an appropriate ground and components will be damaged.

not only there to give cabin comfort

The A/C system on a Hybrid or Electric vehicle is not only there to give cabin comfort, the system is essential in providing cooling to both the electric motors and axles and the battery systems, both of which produce large volumes of heat in use, and without working, efficient A/C systems, it will overheat and fail.

Sensors in the compressor case can detect very small voltage leaks. Once a leak is detected, the control system will shut down the compressor and the vehicle will cease to function.